Hello on WP!

Hi Everyone!

Since Dayre announce that they are closing down for good, all the users from Dayre have been busy searching for another alternative to update and upload our thoughts and all.

Omg! I duno how lo! Omg. So here I am gg to try out WordPress and see how it works! Then I slowly decide can which one I one to use!


And also here’s a screenshot of my own Dayre! I’m gg to miss this man!


Since I’m at it, I’m also gg to show the screenshot of #weBlogIt. Can’t seem to decide which is better to use also. Seems like this platform is easy to use now. Just that I can’t microblog, ie, update as and when I like in a day!

Nvm! Shall slowly try and see which is better! Hahah!


How can I not share my IG Page here! Heheh!

Just wish to check, anyone know how to change the alignment for the text? 😅

11 thoughts on “Hello on WP!”

    1. Ya! I’m still trying to figure out how to use. Hahah! Whether I can type as and when I like also! Hahahah! But yay! Hope to see more ppl here too!


      1. Ya! Trying to explore this app now. But thinking of upgrading for extra storage! Hahahah! Now only 3gb very little! Hahah!


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