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Our Bralette Club (OBC) Review

Hello ladies!

Still can’t get used to reviewing on WordPress but hey, at least it’s better than nth ya?

So with the recent Dayre closing down saga, I decided to shift my review update to WordPress. Hehe. So yups. I will still continue to share this review on Dayre but do show some love here too ya!

Moving on to the most imp thing for today: #ourbraletteclub #obc review! (Does hashtag actually work here?)

Our Bralette Club OBC Review

The owner had very kindly contacted me to send me some Bralette over me to try. I nv really wear Bralette before cause I’ve small assets, so, Bralette = no padding = flatter chest. Oops. So not me. Hahahah! So I’m intrigued by what OBC have to offer! That’s why I decided to do this!

This is what OBC had sent over to me! Pleasantly surprised by the quality and all! Omg! So good!

I love how Chow had correctly chosen a shade of Bralette for me. Grey + blush have always been my weak spot! So pretty!

Let me go into details on each product she had sent over!

Grey & Blush Lace Bralette

Like I say, I absolutely adore the colours. I always have an issue with lace bra cause I always feel lace bras aren’t up to my standard. But this lace doesn’t give me this feeling at all!

The grey isn’t your standard kind of grey, gives abit of teal/green feel! I like!

This is how the back of the bralette looks like. Note that there isn’t any pockets to let u put padding on. Yups.

The bralette is made of luxe material. It’s not like your usual kind of thin and flimsy kind of material. It’s stretchy and doesn’t feel like it will get scratched easily.

The bralette is so comfy to touch, I’m sure wearing it will feel the same too!

A closer look at how the lace looks like.

The lace is very intrigue and very well made! It doesn’t just end here.

It actually goes all the way to the back! I love it leh!

Have tried wearing it and it’s sooo comfy!

Pick Me Up Padding

So I was saying that the bralette doesn’t come with any padding slots right? So if you are worrying or you want a padded bralette, this padding does the wonder and work!

The padding itself is well cushioned.

So you might be wondering how to stick the padding onto the bralette right? Here’s how,

  1. Remove the adhesive sticker on the smooth side of the padding
  2. Stick it on the bralette. The one with the push up/thicker padding portion should be at your skin side

And you are done!

This is how it should looks like when you have a padding stick onto it! Remember the smooth (ie, the non push up side) should be sticking onto your bralette!

You girls can refer to the video below to see how does this sticking work!

The Lace Up Stick On Chicken Cutlet Bralette

The last one which got me most excited is this! This lace up bralette! Ladies who follow me long enough will know that I love wearing low back dresses/tops, but always stick to wearing normal bra cause I can’t find a good nubra!

So I’m super excited when I receive this! This is actually a nubra with the lace up details!

So you may ask me how does the lace up work? So, you have to stick the bra cup on each side of your boobs separately without the lace. Once it’s done, then u lace in and then pull them together so that you can achieve the push up effect! I always have issue with the clip kind cause the push up effect is not as good as how I would like it to be!

Have tried this briefly and I must say, the adhesive is super strong and good! Doesn’t feel like it will drop anytime!

Enclosing my unboxing video here for you girls! You will be able to have a clearer view on how to stick the padding onto the bra too!

That’s all for my review!

If you like any of the product, then you can head over to OBC website (here) to purchase!

Drop me a message if you wish to find out more also! 🤗

Thanks OBC once again!

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