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Gracegift – Winnie the Pooh’s Bucket Bag

Many of you should know I’m a hardcore Winnie the Pooh fan! So when I head over to Taipei the other day, of course I must head to Gracegift to find my Pooh’s bag!

Seeing the box itself already makes me happy liaoo!!

So cute right! Hahah! So many faces of Pooh!

They even provide us a dustbag for us to keep the bag! How thoughtful of Gracegift!

A closer look at the bag when I removed the dustbag. Heheh. Look at Pooh’s greedy face! So cute! 😍

How it’s like when I took it out and make it stand! I haven even pull the string together to create the bucket feel!

A closer look at the details on the bag! There’s even a metal piece stating Pooh’s name on it but I placed it behind the Pooh’s face cause if I put in front, it will actually block the Pooh’s face!

How the bag is like when worn! It’s super roomy and spacious! Love how I can put a lot of things inside!

Happy CNY everyone! 🍊🍊

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