TU Mask Set by Mi by K Review

Not the girl with the best skin condition, but I am definitely one of the laziest few girls who are super lazy to do masking. Not cause I dun have the time, it is more of I am lazy. As simple as that.

So ever since the latest facial session, I decided to be less lazy and decided to spend more time on my skincare!

So here I am trying to share with you all my latest use!

TU Mask Set by Mi by K


Received this c/o Mi by K and I am so excited to try this. I love how simple and pretty the packaging is.


There are 5 individual masks in each box. So if you do masking once weekly, this whole box can last you for 5 weeks! Good deal right?

See this simple unboxing video done by me!

This is my first unboxing video done so please bear with me ok!

So let me share more about my actual experience with this mask!

Before Masking


This is taken before i do the mask, As you can see, my issues are a small pimple bump on my left forehead (zoom in to see) and dark eye circles. My skin is also not glowing. It is actually a little dull for my liking also.


And this is how the mask looks like. This mask is actually a 2 pieces mask (refer to video below). I always have issue fitting the 1 piece mask nicely for my face as there are a lot of creases. So i find I love it when the mask is a 2 piece mask. At least it can fit my face better.

Like I mentioned, it’s a 2 piece mask, so let me share with you the benefits and ingredients for each of the piece.

The black T-zone mask contains high density of oxygen and seaweed, which are used to calm and sooth our skin.

The white U-zone mask contains vita water rich with vitamins, salmon egg and other anti-oxidant rich contents which are beneficial for dry and sagging U-zone.


So this is how my skin looks like after 20 minutes. Remember in my before photo whereby I mention i have a small pimple bump on my left forehead? U zoom in this picture and you can see the bump had went down. My skin is also glowing much more than the before but I believe it might be due to the serum leftover from my skin too. My dark eye circle also has improved slightly, but not substantially.

Did a video to show the whole process. I’m sure you can see the skin much better on the video. Totally no way for me to edit the pictures on the video ya?

Overall, I am actually liking this product.


Thanks Mi by K! ๐Ÿ™‚

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