BrowArt Asia Facial Review

I’m sure most ladies love to pamper ourselves with a good facial. I believe a good facial will help to improve our existing skin condition. Afterall, face is definitely one of the first few things we noticed in another person right? Furthermore, working life has tremendously worsen my skin condition. The never ending targets to hit has caused so much stress that I don’t even have time to take care of it.

Recently, I was pampered by BrowArt Asia for a good facial session.


BrowArt Asia is managed by Heartsprings, which has been in the beauty industry since 2002. They provide a wide range of beauty services, from facial, to manicure, to brow embroidery. You name it, they most likely have it.

So, I decided to give their facial a try! image2

I was greeted by a row of rooms when I entered their facial area. I actually love how clean and quiet this place this.


Following the look of the whole corridor, the room itself is also very simple. I love how simple it is actually.

So this whole facial starts off with the beautician trimming my eyebrows, followed by removing of makeup. They even applied ampule on my face, which i absolutely love.

After all these, they proceeded to apply 2 layers of mask for me.


The first layer, which helps in brightening of the face


And this is the 2nd layer that aids in deep hydration.

So u guys must be asking me what’s the effect right? Here you go!

Comparison (Before / After)

As you can see in the before pic, my face is definitely more dull and there’s even a troubled spot between my eye & nose.

But the after pic actually show that the troubled spot has reduced significantly & my skin is actually brighter too! Even my pores have reduced sightly.

Personally i feel that picture is always not the best representation of whether your skin glows or not. I feel that seeing my face in real life makes more difference! I saw how my skin looked like immediately after the facial and i really like the results.

Throughout the whole session, the beautician is also kind enough to impart me knowledge on how to take care of my skin and all. She also taught me that taking care of our skin is a lifelong thing! We must constantly take care of it! She also ensure that I truly enjoy myself by giving me her best service. I especially love her massage! It is so relaxing!!

BrowArt Asia actually has 6 outlets in the whole Singapore! If you wish to find out where they are located, you can click here.

Thanks Kobe and BrowArt Asia for pampering me once again.



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