Gaston Luga Clässy Mini Backpack

I’m not exactly a backpack person until Gaston Luga contacted me last year! They kindly sent me my first ever backpack which I have been carrying it for ALL my holidays and staycation since! So far, I have already 2 backpacks from them and I’m still loving it!

If you already do not know, Gaston Luga backpacks are designed in Sweden with the theme: Minimalistic, yet Luxe & Functional!

You guys can head to my Instagram to see the visuals of my first bag and second bag there!

But the purpose of today’s post is not to show u all the previous bags! It is to show u all the new bag that Gaston Luga has kindly sent over to me!

The Clässy Mini Backpack!

Yes! Mini! The previous bags that I had received are always abit too big for me to carry on a daily basis, so imagine my excitement when they told me they have a new mini version! Yay to me! Cause I can carry them even in Singapore now!!!

I did a unboxing of the bag that I received! I’m so excited about it!

This is how the bag when it looks like on me! Nice right? The size is really perfect for day to day use leh!

And guess what? The pink is actually the additional flap that comes with it when u purchase the bag!

Black flap is actually the original colour! If u see my video above, there is a zip at the back of the backpack where u can change the colour of the flap!

But I’m actually liking the pink one more cause it’s more me? There’s other colours like the burgundy and brown too! The black one is actually the default colour flap!

And one more thing! Even the straps are adjustable as well! Which I have show it in my video!

Don’t u all agree that this backpack actually suits children too? And it is definitely a perfect gift for your loved ones!

Sharing more treats with u all!

Quote “sabsoh15” to get an additional 15% off the price on top of the free shipping and 20% off as tax rebate (from non-EU countries)

You guys can head over to their website here!

Thanks Gaston Luga once again for sending the bags over!

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