Partipost – Snap, Post & Earn : App Review By: @sabsoh

Anyone who is following my Instagram will be no stranger to Partipost. Why do I say so? I have been posting on Instagram and earning for months!

What is Partipost?

I was first approached by Partipost to join the platform. They are a micro-influencer crowd marketing platform allows genuine everyday social media users to post for the brands we love!

My experience with Partipost is definitely awesome and fuss free. The app allows you to browse and join the campaigns from brands such as Nando’s, Grab, Skyscanner, etc.

This is how the Partipost app icon looks like! Best part? It is compatible on iOS and on Andrioid!

So what kind of campaigns can we expect from Partipost?

There are a huge range of campaigns you can expect from Partipost! Filter campaigns based on your interests – fashion, food, lifestyle, sports and more! You name it, they most likely have it. Above is also a screenshot from the app on what kind of campaigns they are currently running.

Just like Partiposters, I will scroll the app and join the campaigns that I am interested. Best part, I get to choose the campaigns I am really interested in as well!

My favourite campaign so far

Since I am on this topic, let me share with all of you my favourite campaign I have joined thus far.

The first one got to be the one whereby I get to shop at Calendar Fashion! I managed to find this pretty off shoulder top at their shop in NEX. Without Partipost, I would not even know this shop is in NEX! And now, this shop is a must visit shop for me whenever I am at NEX!

The second one has to be the Tiger Beer campaign where I got to enjoy having a nice rare date with L in a bar at Clarke Quay. L & I seldom go for a drinking date night so this is definitely memorable for me!

So who can join Partipost?

To be honest, anyone can join Partipost. I do not see myself as an influencer, I see it more as a platform for me to share with you all what I like. This is also why I decided to join Partipost in the beginning.

Furthermore, I always feel that Partipost is not just for influencers. It reaches out to more people like you and me who genuinely find it rewarding when our friends come and tell us they enjoy what we share. Sharing is love right? ☺

So how does Partipost work?

First of all, choose the campaign and brand you wish to post for! Guidelines and campaign requirements will be stated clearly in each of the listing on the Partipost app. So all you need to do is read and comply.

Once you have snapped your photos, go back to the app, submit your photos and captions for approval! All posts need to be approved before you can post and start earning money from it. The approval process is usually very fast, approximately around a week, unless there are quite a huge number of people joining the campaign.

You can start posting once your photos and captions have been approved! Yes! As easy as that! They will also tabulate the monetary incentives and it will be paid to you in the app once the campaign period is over.

Withdrawing your earnings is also very easy. You just need to ensure that you have updated your bank account details in the app. You will just need to monitor once you have requested for a withdrawal.

So let’s all start to Snap.Post.Earn by sharing! ☺

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