Don Du Ciel Review

Hi all! I’m back with another review! Hehe!

Sample Store is bringing Taiwan to us now! They are bringing in a whole range of products, ranging from beauty to food.

I have received the 7% Arbutin Ultmate Whitening Gel by Don Du Ciel. This brand is currently popular in Taiwan now!


Effects of the products

  • For 72 hours whitening effect, luminous and porcelain skin
  • Effectively blocks melanogenesis, treats freckles and pigmentation

Why is it so good?

You may ask me this question, why is it different from the rest of the product available online. Here’s why!

  • Hydrogel technology transforms heavy cream to light gel form, allowing essence to be instantly absorbed into skin without leaving any sticky residue. The technology also helps to lock in moisture and keep your skin smooth and moisturised,
  • The nanosize molecule of Hyaluronic Acid carries up to 1000 times water of its weight and deliver deep into dermal level, restore dry and dull skin
  • It contains 7% arbutin plant-extract essence with 3% tranexamic acid double the whitening effect, improving uneven skin color and diluting the pock and spots. Also prevents sun damage and sunburn
  • It also contains Vitamin A which helps to eliminate spots, allowing skin to release more glycosaminoglycan and increasing procollagen which locks in moisture and repairs the skin


So how do you apply?

  • Clean your face, then apply onto your skin.
  • For me, i apply it after my toner and serum.


This is how the gel looks like. Like i mentioned before, this is a gel like cream, hence it is very lightweight and not too heavy for the skin. Good for ladies like me with super sensitive skin.

Before and After

Shall let the pictures do the talking!


As you can see from all the above, my skin is in a better condition overall. The pimple spots and marks have also improved slightly, which i really need. I am super happy with the overall progress.

Redeem from Sample Store Now

Yes, you can redeem from the sample store now by clicking here .
Alternatively, you may also key the URL: http://bit.ly/2Hkqf2z into your browser


Thanks Sample Store for sending this over!

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