Welly Merck

Since I started working, I have been constantly looking out for a nice, stylish and presentable watch. Been toying with a few brands until I found Welly Merck.

The Packaging

Look at this packaging! Pretty right? They came in 2 boxes, the Tiffany blue one is the outbox! The black one is the inner one where you can keep your watch! Pretty. Right! I love how classy their packagings are!

The Watch – Pioneer 36mm

Like what the name suggested, I decided to choose this watch from their range. It’s the Pioneer 36mm. I love that it’s rose gold and the face of the watch is white. The perfect combi for me I feel.

A closer look at the watch. Do you agree it’s just so stylish and classy? It totally suit working attire and casual attire.

And their details dun just constraint to the front. Even the back, there’s also details. I love how they label their branding at the back of the face too!

And even the clasp as well! Pretty!

Wore it to my recent Japan trip and I’m so loving it. Really match most of my clothes.

And also did a recent photoshoot with it!

Really match all my accessories!!!

Did a vlog to show this watch can be incorporated into your daily life!

Some good deals for you!

Quote “WMSabrina50” to get $50 off your bill! Don’t say I never share!

Thanks Welly Merck!

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