Refresh Wellness

I’m sure everyone is no stranger to hearing adding filter to your tap water. How about adding filter to your shower head?

Been hearing lots of benefits of adding the filter by Refresh Wellness so I’m Super excited when I receive them.

The PackagingThis is what came in packaging! I love it so much! Christmas is coming so there’s Christmas feel to this package!

I chose the Lavender scent because I always feel that Lavender is very calming! They have other scents like lemon, rose, mugwort and acacia lemon too!

So for the filter, it’s very easy to fix into your shower head. Just attach one side of your filter to the end of the shower head and the other end to the start of the tube. Like that, it’s done!

So this is what I feel after using it for 2-3 weeks

  • My toilet smells nicer after the shower. Because I chose the scented filter, so my toilet has the Lavender smell after I shower! If you do not like scented filter, they also have unscented filter too!
  • Helps to relive my stress after a day of work.
  • My toilet feels cleaner and fresher after the shower as compared to before.
  • My skin feels less dry. I dun have a habit of applying moisturiser so my skin is always more dry. But after using this, my skin feels more manageable as compared to before
  • I also let my hub tried it he also like the experience as compared to before.
  • Thanks Refresh Wellness for sending this over! This is a going to be a new addition to my daily wash!
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