Cell Essence Cell-Bio Fluid Sync 2.0

I believe everyone is no stranger to skin care products. Most of you, like me, sure envy the Koreans for having flawless skin. So we are definitely followers of k-beauty products!

Sample store recently introduced me to one of k-beauty leading luxury brand, HERA. I was also blessed to be able to try their Cell Essence Cell-Bio Fluid Sync 2.0

About HERA

HERA aims to spread the special unique charm of modern Korean woman. Seoulista is the muse of HERA, representing the exceptional beauty of modern Korean women who are fashionablex elegant, confident and passionate. They are the style icon of K-Beauty as well as the beauty messenger leading trends in Asia. The brand is fronted by Korean actress, Gianna Jun and Jennie Kim from Blackpink!

Skin Desertification

Not sure if you guys heard about it, skin desertification happens when we age. As we age, we experience quite a number of skin Aging problems like dry, tight and rough skin with gradual buildup of dead skin cells. It will expand from one area to entire face, and this is called skin desertification.

Simple dry skin means lack of water, but desertification does not lack water, it lacks the power to hold water, and that’s when irrigation facilities ply a big part!

Checklist to see whether u have skin desertification:

  • Skin used to be fine even when nothing was applied after washing, but feels dry now
  • Slept soundly but skin feels rough
  • Skin damaged from sleeping late or staying up all night does not heal back like before
  • Have apply anything and everything but skin still look bad
  • Makeup looks bad and flaky, does not apply well
  • Skin looks dull and dark despite applying makeup

If you are experiencing some of these, then u will need to try HERA Cell Essence Cell-Bio Fluid Sync 2.0

HERA Cell Essence Cell-Bio Fluid Sync 2.0

    A pre-water essence that prevents “skin desertification” and moistures skin for a bright, dewy complexion, also known as the “Glass Skin”
    Suitable for all skin type
    Contains Cell-Bio Fluid Sync 2.0 that fills and locks in bodily fluid. It has strong skin-activating ingredients that reinforces skin’s sources. And it’s a further upgrade from their Cell-Bio Fluid Sync featuring more innovative technology that enables maintenance and activation energy in skin
    8 Skin Cell Activators that reinforce the underlying power of skin, acts as skin nutrition to prevent skin desertification and essence contains 8 essential vital nutrients in body fluid composition

How to apply

  1. First step before washing face
  2. Apply twice a day: once in morning and once in evening
    Morning: awaken the rhythm by tapping skin lightly with your hands
    Evening: carefully clean you face using HERA’s Double-Effect Facial Cotton Pad

The Cotton pad’s wave patterned side is soft and gentle, use when you want to keep your skin clean along with skin texture. It’s mesh-patterned side helps remove dead skin and dirt accumulated over the day.

Before and After

A very simple pic to show my before and after! Really love the difference.

Want to achieve glass skin in 6 days? Head over to redeem and try the product here:


Thanks Sample Store for sending this over!

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