Review of Lynn Aesthetic Facial Treatment

A few weeks ago, I visited Lynn Aesthetic to do a facial treatment and I am so wowed by the effects. So let me start by sharing my experience with them here.

The Store


It wasn’t really difficult for me to find the store as I used to hang around that area, I love how peaceful and calm when i visited the place. They even served me ginger tea automatically when I reached!

Rooms Tour

Lynn Aesthetic has 10 treatment rooms in total. Unlike other aesthetic places, each of the rooms have their own theme and each of the beautician are in charge of their own rooms and deco! Of course, they can also change the theme every few months if they are sick of them! Let me show you all some of the rooms as not rooms are available when I am there.


This is actually the lady boss’s room!

I am pretty blessed to have the garden room! I actually like the garden room the BEST among all and I am kinda blessed to have that room! (and yes, I didn’t specify which room i want from the start)


As you can see above, the whole ambience gives you a very relaxing and home feel. You can totally relax during your facial treatment. And some little fun facts that I found out during the whole session:

  • The lady boss actually hand sew all the blankets and hand glove towels
  • They will sterilise and wash the hand glove towels after every use and they have a lifespan of 8 times only!
  • The bed is actually a massage bed! They will on the massaging for you when you masking at the very last step! This is on top of the shoulder massage that the beautician actually do for you!

The Facial

The facial starts after you have change out and all. As each person has different skin type and problems, the beautician will come up with the best treatment for you, targetted specially for your skin.

Like most people, I have super DEHYDRATED skin. I am literally not joking when I say that cause every facial and every skincare counter I have visited, this will DEFINITELY be the FIRST THING they mention to me.

So imagine my horror when they tell me that my skin is much more dehydrated than most people.

On top of that, I also have uneven skin tone & acne marks from my previously troubled skin time. Dun believe me? Let me show you my skin before the treatment.


As you can see, there are my troubled issues.

  1. Uneven skin tone, especially at the forehead
  2. Acne dark spots on the left side, just below my cheekbone and on my skin
  3. Small bumps at my forehead
  4. Large pores due to previously acne troubled skin, especially on my cheeks
  5. Dehydrated skin

After looking at my skin condition, my beautician, Kerine Wong, actually recommended a super hydrating treatment for me. The whole treatment took me 3 hours. The whole process includes:

  • Cleansing
  • Tone
  • Gommage Peel
  • Steam – Skin scrubbing (machine), suction
  • Eyebrow trimming
  • Ampoules
  • Collagen Paper Mask + Light Therapy (depending on skin condition)
  • Lip and Eye care
  • Cream (by skin type) face, shoulder & head massage
  • Moulding mask
  • Toning, cream and sunblock

Here’s how my skin look like after the facial


As you can see my skin is much brighter in this picture! There is NO makeup used for this pic at all! Absolutely NONE!


Attaching a side-by-side comparison for you to see. You can clearly see that my dark spots at the cheekbone there and the chin area has lighten up quite a bit. Even the uneven skin tone at my forehead has also improved! My pores have also become smaller by quite a bit! Only 1 major big one was still very obvious but those surrounding it has really improved by ALOT!

My overall skin has also brightened up by quite bit. It is not as dull and red as compared to the before picture. It has definitely calm down!


Took this picture a few days after my treatment and you can see the glow clearly. My friends who saw me a few days after even asked me whether I have changed my makeup foundation as my skin looks better!

My Experience at Lynn Aesthetic


Kerine was super patient and detailed throughout the session. She took extra step on explaining to me the benefits & importance for each step and the products she applied on my face. She also taught me how to take care of my skin as she could see that I am a very lazy person, judging from the condition of my skin!

In addition, she also took extra step to ensure that I was comfortable during the whole facial session. She totally make me feel like this is my umpteen times doing facial with her. And yes, that’s how relaxed & comfortable I am.

And oh look, here’s my skin directly after the treatment too! Can you all see the glow in my skin?

Below are the details of Lynn Asethetic

  • Website: http://www.lynnaesthetic.com.sg
  • Address: Blk 211, Hougang St 21, #01-317 Singapore 530211 (Nearest MRT Station NEL Kovan)
  • Operating Hours: Mon-Fri : 10am – 9pm | Sat,Sun,PH : 10am – 6pm
  • To book an appointment, call 6289 8901

You may also head over to Samplestore website to read up more on the reviews by other users of Lynn Aesthetic here .

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