Valentine’s Celebration 2018

Let’s do throwback to my Vday celebration for 2018!

Vday happen to fall 1 day before CNY eve. To avoid the crowd, L told me to leave the Friday before CNY for him. I’m more than happy to do so also! I prefer to celebrate before the actual day as well. Afterall, there will be lesser people too! Heheh!

To cut the long story short, L surprised me with a staycation and a series of activities at Park Royal Pickering! He even upgraded the room for us!! It’s sooo pretty!! I shall upload the pictures here for you all to see!!

Room Tour

What greeted me when I enter the room! I love this view! So pretty!

And spot my 5 Poohs on the sofa? L kindly packed them along for my trip too! 😍💕

And the bed area! L actually upgraded the room, hence we have a bigger room! So pretty right, this room?

The bathroom! I love that they actually have 2 sinks! And the bathing area is the best! 👍🏻 showerhead area and the bathtub area!

The other part of the toilet! I love how they keep the wet and dry area separate.

Love how they keep the plug inside the drawer! Now I can keep my hairdryer inside the drawer! At least it’s not messy outside!

This is the view we wake up to the next morning.

I actually nearly chose this hotel for my wedding, but I didn’t in the end cause I didn’t want to wake up to see CBD as I work in CBD too! Heheh! Weird logic of mine I know, but I just wanna be awayfrom CBD on my wedding day la!

A video of the room tour! Heheh! This can exactly show you how big the room is!

Dinner at Lime

So L made a reservation at their restaurant! The spread is sooo good! The seafood is so fresh! Omg! We couldn’t stop eating! Even the desserts blew us away!

Shall let the pictures do the talking!

Tea time at Executive Lounge

Since we missed the timing for free champagne at the executive lounge, we still head there to see how it is!

Decided to order tea for myself and L ordered coffee, as usual! The place is soo pretty and relaxing! We decided to have an early night as L told me he have another surprise for me the next morning!

Breakfast at Executive Lounge

Woke up early the next morning as L told me we need to finish our breakfast before9.30am. Hahaha! Omg! So early!

We were given the same seat when we came last night! Heheh! Love the seat with the awesome view!

Our breakfast spread. Of cause the variety in the Executive Lounge is much lesser as compared to the standard breakfast spread, but at least it’s much quieter and more peaceful over here!

And this is the reason why we came up here for breakfast! Champagne breakfast! 🥂

Bubbling! Heheh! Of cause I didn’t finished this cause it’s too early in the morning for a drink!

Pool Area

Headed to the pool area after breakfast!

The iconic pool area! Everyone sure can recognise this right!

Even the toilet in the pool area is sooo huge! There’s lockers and even hairdryer near the sinks!

Couple spa time

So the surprise L had prepared for us is some couple spa time!

The pretty reception area! We were served tea before heading in.

The big area! They even have a toilet inside this room! So good and convenient!

The sink area! There’s even 2 sinks in the room!

Decided not to post the #SohHeng pic here cause I think L will disapprove me posting it here! Hahah!

The massage is very relaxing! I told them I dowan the massage to be too strong, so I told them to do a gentle one for me! I never really enjoy massage one. Who’s with me? 🙋🏻‍♀️

Headed back to the room to wash up and rest before going to the Executive Lounge for tea break

Tea Break at Executive Lounge

We skipped lunch cause we weren’t hungry. So we decided to have tea break instead.

The spread isn’t huge too. So we decided to just take a little of those we like.

It was definitely a good break!

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