Birthday Dinner @ Ichida Japanese Dining

Hello all!

Been awhile since I last posted so here I am posting on my birthday to share with you guys where L brought me for dinner. ๐Ÿ˜‰

As usual, L didn’t tell me where we were going for dinner. I only knew where after I arrived!

Ichida Japanese Dining

This is what I see when I walked towards the shop. They have 2 areas. L and I were being seated at the sushi bar area cause he reserved Omakase dinner for us!The area. The dining area was actually very small. They can only serve a maximum of 10 customers if I never remember wrongly. Not so sure about the one at Yakitori dining area cause we didn’t go there at all!

But there’s only 1 Chef at the sushi bar, so u can expect abit of waiting time.

Fun fact: the Chef is actually 50 this year! He doesn’t look like one right!First thing of order: drinks!

We order for hot green tea but it isn’t served hot at first initially. So we ask them to serve again. Waitress is like “oh u want hot hot tea ar” before she comes back with the right temperature for the hot green tea! Heheh! ๐ŸตThe first dish! Anyone can guess what is this?

It’s actually raw squid! I have eaten ALOT of raw squid before but none in the form of whole squid. Hahah. It’s really raw and not suitable for everyone. Or rather I should say, not everyone can take it. Thankfully, the sauce make it much easier for me to finish it.

The tomato at the side is nice too!Next up: a whole place of sashimi!

I must say, ALL their sashimi are VERY fresh! On this there’s prawns, scallop, swordfish (I think) and salmon! The salmon has a good mixture of fats and non fats, really literally melt in the mouth! ๐Ÿ˜ actually the same goes to the rest of the sashimi! Hahah!Chawanmushi filled with truffle, sea urchin and caviar with some gold foil is up next!

Words can’t describe how amazing this dish is. The chawanmushi itself is very smooth. I love how it melts in my mouth so almost instantaneously. Truffle can’t fail. The sea urchin is very fresh. Both of us never expect them to put caviar and the gold foil to be honest. But hey, it’s a good mix!Scallop and green chilli tempura! Though it’s fried, the scallop is still so fresh and juicy. You can see the whole amount of juice flowing out after your first bite. At one point, L & I are still contemplating whether it’s oil or the juice. But we soon agreed it’s the latter.Sushi time! Salmon sushi can’t fail anytime! No sauce, no wasabi are required when eating their sushi. The chef applied a layer of sauce on top of it for you, slightly sweet. It’s a nice change instead of the usual soy sauce with wasabi! The chef gives us an additional slice of sashimi in between cause both L & I waited too long in between for the next dish!Another piece of sushi. This is soooo good! The sashimi is so chewy! Love this!The miso soup cooked with prawn head! I’m so glad this is served cause I am getting cold at that time. Hahahah! Timely food served!Melon! This is soooo fresh and sweet! I love melon so I’m so happy to eat this. L and I are definitely going to buy all the melon we can eat in Japan!The Chef prepares this on the house cause he knows this is my birthday dinner. This is actually cheesecake!Happy 30th birthday to me!

For those who are interested, the details of the restaurant is as follow:

Address: 82 Club Street Singapore 069450

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