SmartPac Reviews

Not sure how many of you here are avid users of Carousell? For me, I always list my items there to sell. I have a bursting wardrobe so it’s good to sell my items there so I can always constantly refresh my wardrobe. Hahah.

Over the years, I tend to always encourage my users to buy their items from me via SmartPac? Why? Read more to find out!

What is SmartPac

Smartpac is a postage-paid doorstep delivery with free polymailer packaging provided by SingPost.

With the flat rates, you do not have to worry about postage or pasting stamps. Sellers like me dun have to bring the items to post office to weigh and buy the stamps there after.

Like the picture above, sellers like us dun even need to visit the post office to mail the items. We can even drop them off at any mailbox! As easy as that!

Then u will ask me what’s in store for the buyers right? Read on

Benefits for buyers

  • Delivery to doorstep. But if u are not at home, the parcel will be placed in ur letter box! No more visiting the post office just to collect ur item!
  • Tracking system in place – each envelope comes with a tracking number! You can simply login to their website to track where is your item! So no more lost mail!

Where to buy them?

Things to note

There are different sizes available for both SmartPac and Poly M! For more information, click on the link here


Yes! U have seen it correctly! @mysingpost is hosting a giveaway right on their Instagram! Just need to follow the below 3 steps:

  1. Upload a picture of yourself sending or receiving a SmartPac on Instagram
  2. Like and follow @mysingpost, tag 3 friends and hashtag #SMARTwaytoPAC
  3. 3 posts with the most number of likes will win!
  • Faster upload so you can win!
  • So let’s start using Smartpac! #SMARTwaytoPAC

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